Opening Day 2014

Opening Day at Museum Village is fast approaching and, as you can imagine, the excitement is building. So much so, that even though April 12th is our official opening day, we have already had several schools come on class trips; we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the First World War; and, we hosted an Easter Egg Hunt.

mainbldgThis year marks the museum’s 64th Anniversary and never before has the significance of this museum been more profound. In this day of instant gratification, spontaneous response and immediate recognition through the likes of twitter and facebook, now is the time to appreciate what Museum Village has to offer.

Sure, our children are growing up fast. Sure, technology is whizzing by. Sure, our lives have become an open book. Each of us has posted pictures and stories about our families and friends and they are now forever pasted on the internet.

So why is Museum Village important? Why do we care about a 19th Century Living History Museum? Do we really need to know about life before computers? Before iPads? Before cell phones? Cell phones, by the way, that take pictures, provide GPS, connect to the internet and much more. Why? So that we can have fun learning and understanding better about where we came from. Isn’t that what we all really want to do? Learn. So we can do better. So we can create and advance. But first we must acknowledge and appreciate what was before.

Before the computer, we had the printing press. Before automation, there was the black smith. Before mass production it was one broom at a time. We had the potter and the candle maker. Before CVS we had the Apothecary. Before Wal-Mart we had the General Store.

Now come to Museum Village and be whisked back in time before the Industrial Revolution. See what that was like and reflect. Sit on a bench in our park like setting on our storied green. Relax and breathe the air of a different time and place. Visit each of our mini museums in each of buildings. Remember and embrace the past. Then lay out your plans to forge a better future. All because you visited Museum Village!

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