Two Responses

It seems very common, and all too often, that when I mention Museum Village, I can almost guarantee getting one of two responses. Unfortunately, people make these assumptions without “checking them out”. I want to address these two very wrong opinions (respectfully) and hopefully encourage a road trip to the museum to learn about all the goings on here.

Reaction one when I talk about the museum is, in fact, a two-fold answer.

“Oh, I was there many years ago. I remember going there – or, bringing my child there, or, bringing my grandchild there – on a school class trip.”

“So when were you here last and why haven’t you visited again?”

“Oh it was at least (5) years ago. Nothing has changed.”

Well, wow are you wrong! After receiving a Federal Grant from the Institute of Library Sciences (IMLS) to inventory our artifacts, there have been so many changes and new exhibits in the last three years that there are really too many to mention. We have over 27,000 artifacts!

First of all we have a Changing Exhibit Building alone that is dedicated to new, revolving exhibits on a regular basis. There have been at least 10 new exhibits there alone which you missed now. The Visitor’s Center also gets new displays on a very routine basis.

Every building on the main green is open! That hasn’t happened in quite some time. Steam Traction Engines are now part of the green. They may not have been out since the late 1970’s.There’s a new Weave Shop. The Wagon Shop is open. The Farm Tools Building has been upgraded in 2012 with a complete new exhibit. The Natural History Building has been updated. There is a new Fluorescent Mineral Display in Natural History. There are new displays in the Merritt General Store. There is a new display in the Candle Shop. The Livery Building is being updated with new lighting and exhibits. And check out the Pelton Water Wheel outside our grounds. That hasn’t really been displayed in more years than most can remember.

With each of the building being its very own little museum, just walking through the museum and buildings can take you all day.

So. Nothing has changed?

This summer we are even gearing up for more. Sunday’s in July and August (except August 3) will have our village alive with costumed interpreters in buildings. Watch the Black Smith Hammer; see the Broom Maker shape a broom; sit in the one-room School House and get a lesson from the Teacher; talk to the Druggist about your ills; help the Printer get out the newest edition of Museum News. Check out life in our Log Cabin.

And, stand by for our grand re-opening of the Energy Building which is being sponsored by Orange & Rockland Utilities.

Oh, yeah. Check out our new website.

Reaction two.

“The museum is still open?”

Please read above. And then read again and stop by and say hello!

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