So how many times has it happened to you that you just can’t get something off your mind? All during your busy day at work it just keeps popping up. You can’t sleep at night just thinking about it. Or, when you do get to sleep you dream about. It happens to me too often. This time its “What is the most important word in the English language?” You must have had this same burning question going through your mind?

Anyway, this question has bugged me for a while but I keep coming up with the same answer. “Why”. “Why what?”, you ask. Well that’s it! “Why” is the most powerful word in the English language! So why is why the most important word you ask? And you just answered your own question!

When you ask why, only good things happen. First, why generates discussion and conversation. The response to why? automatically deserves a back-and-forth dialogue to adequately answer the question. The answer may then even generate more why’s.

Secondly, why produces debate. You may not like or understand the first answer you’re given and may want to come up with counter answers or questions. This just constantly breeds a mindful game of give and take and compromise and justification. A great mind exercise to strengthen the brain muscles.

And, now, as a result of the discussion, conversation and debate, why creates ingenuity. It is because we ask the question, do we get the answer. And the deeper we go with the questions, the more creative the answers.

Why is the first learning tool we use as children. Why mommy? Why daddy? Those answers we received then by our parents pushed us on to higher levels of learning. Then we kept asking more whys and more questions. The greatest inventions and cures happened because someone needed to find out why!

So why is this so important? Why is the foundation that all museums lie on. People come to museums and learn why? Visit our Farm Tools Building and ask “Why did the farmers use this tool?” Then discover the answer and learn what inventions came about as a result of this early tool. Check out the Drug Store and ask “Why did the druggist dispense this medicine?” Now think of all the new cures we have in the world because of someone’s inspiration.

We continue to ask why and we will soon land on Mars and find the cure for cancer. For now then, get the youngsters involved and encourage them to ask “why”? Bring them to a museum and have them flex those “mind muscles”. Encourage discussion, conversation and debate and watch the inspirations grow and expand. The human mind is our most incredible resource and why our best elixer!

Why? In my mind the most powerful word in any language!

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