Unplug Your Family

Soon, if not already, we will begin hearing the sounds of spring. The robins tweeting (not Twitter) their beautiful sound. And we will start smelling the fresh scents of new lawns and beautiful flowers. We will begin to see the signs of new life and some of the incredible creatures that inhabit this planet.

We live in very fast times where if no response is given in 30 seconds, we move on. Technology has produced the devices that now “can make our lives easier”. The smart phones, the tablets, and the “social” networking tools that do it all for us.

With this new season begins a new time and a new opportunity. Take this moment to regroup. Take a deep breath.


Plan a time of day to decommission those “new technological advances” and enjoy the family, friends and community face to face. We all do have very busy schedules but with some planning it can be done. Once a day; once a week; once a month. Plan it and do it.


See the smiles on your family’s faces. Not the smiley face caricature in your e-mail. Hold an extended conversation. Don’t text. Join hands and take a walk. Not a facebook “like”.


Listen to the water flow down the stream. Not the iTunes plugged in your ear. Pick up a stone and guess the mineral. Don’t play Candy Crush Saga (I don’t even know what this is) or Game of War: Fire Age (this is advertised all over).

We all need a moment to reflect. To discover some of the little things in life we take for granted. To remember the generations before us who lived a very different way of life.


Museum Village has the charm and the presence to let you do this. Unplug. Take your very own time machine and visit our 19th century village. Leave the gadgets and the gimmicks at home. Take a deep breath and explore a different time. Sit on a bench around the green. Chill. No need to download an app. We look forward to saying “hello” face to face!

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