Object of the month

March’s Object of the Month

March’s Object of the Month was chosen by our longtime Collections volunteer, Joyce Holloway. It is one of her favorite objects at the museum! 
Victorian Child’s Rocker, ca. 1880-1890; maple and wicker. 
Manufactured by Heywood Bros. & Co., Gardner, Massachusetts.
This child’s rocking chair has a wicker weave back with a Japanese fan, moon, and five pointed star. It has a bowed crest rail continuing in arms with a chain motif. 
How gorgeous! 

Object Of The Month

Pith Helmet: a tan, cotton twill pith helmet featuring a kerosene lamp attached to the top. It is unknown whether the lamp was installed by the manufacturer or by the helmet’s owner. It is thought that the lamp may have been used as a nighttime or hunting device.

Donor claims that the helmet was worn by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Est. date range: 1880-1910