Tired of buildings being closed? Want to have a hands-on experience but all of the workshops are taken?

We now have the Village Sampler. You may have guessed it by the name; your class will now have the opportunity to sample more than ever before at Museum Village.

  • Use a mortar and pestle in the Vernon Drug Store. Grind that mint up for your upset stomach.
  • Churn butter in the Log Cabin. Give it a taste. Nothing like the flavor of fresh-churned butter.
  • Use our Kelsey printing press in our Print Shop. Make your own copy.
  • Learn about natural dyes in our Weave Shop. Take home a naturally dyed bracelet and if you want to add a naturally dyed bead to that bracelet head to the Merritt Store. They may have some to sell.
  • Watch the brooms being made in the Broom Shop. Hand made from broom corn, this is certainly not an easy job!
  • Visit the one-room School House and take your shopping list to the Merritt Store to compare prices of 1870.
  • Of course, don’t forget to make your own candle in the Candle Shop.
  • Listen closely for the “tap, tap, tap” on metal. The Black Smith Shop is open for business.
  • Let’s not forget the man who kicks the wheel and throws a great mug or bowl in our Pottery Shop.

And that’s not all! You’re not done yet.

You will still need to visit the Natural History Building, the Firehouse, the Farm Tools Building, the Livery, the Wagon Shop, the Changing Exhibits Building, and the Visitors’ Center as well as the new Energy Building. And be sure a stop and check out the Barn and the goats. Of course the Gift Shop will be open with all of the great souvenirs.

Also, beginning this Fall, 2014, the Snack Bar will be offering nutritional, fresh made-to-order sandwiches for your classes.

For more information, or to book your trip, please call Lori at (845)782-8248 ext 1 or e-mail at [email protected]