Lecture and Ghost Hunt with “The Paranormal Daughter”, Alexandra Holzer

November 23, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Museum Village
1010 State Route 17M

Please join us at Museum Village for an evening with “The Paranormal Daughter”, Alexandra Holzer!
(The daughter of Hans Holzer)

NOVEMBER 23, 2019

4:00pm – Alexandra Holzer, daughter of “America’s First Ghost Hunter”, Hans Holzer, speaks about “The Holzer Method”. Alexandra is now on the Travel Channel on Thursday at 10:00pm.

5:00pm – Investigate Museum Village with Alexendra and the Hudson Valley’s Paranormal Team, “Ghost Magnets with a Twist”.

Tickets are $75.00

For tickets, please call
Ghost Magnets With A Twist:


Hear a Lecture on the “Holzer Method” by Alexandra Holzer

Join a Ghost Hunt in various Museum Village buildings by “Ghost Magnets with a Twist”

The Paranormal Team of the Hudson Valley working with Alexandra:

Founder and Leader: Thomas Kelly

Case Manager and Historian: Johnna Kelly

Tech Manager and Video/Audio Specialist: Mary Johnson

Analytical Investigator: Robert Klein

EVP Playback Investigator: Jolene Bergonzi

Empath Investigator: Maria Phillips

Psychic Medium: Bibi Rodrigues

“Ghost Magnets with a Twist ” is a Paranormal Investigative Team formed by Tom Kelly in 2008. The Team consists of five Investigators plus Kelly and his wife, Johnna. They do research at historical locations in the Hudson Valley, as well as, the Northeast, to discover the possibility and nature of an Afterlife. Kelly uses the latest equipment available in the field, as well as, the abilities of the Psychic Investigator on the Team. The group has raised substantial donations for local historical properties. They have a very popular Facebook page, as well as Instagram. The Kellys are available for Events and lectures. They often hold public ghost hunts.

Alexandra Holzer is a well-respected East Coast-based Paranormal Investigator, “Sensitive,” Journalist and Author. Holzer’s father was the late author, lyricist, lecturer, educator, spiritualist, and parapsychologist professor, Dr. Hans Holzer, PhD, who is known all over the world as the original Ghost Hunter, with over 150 published titles, non-fiction/fiction, to his name. Alexandra is currently featured on the Travel Channels’ “Holzer Files” on Thursday nights. The TV show made its debut on the 10-year anniversary of her father’s passing. The series takes a deep dive into Dr. Hans Holzer’s never-before-released case files.Alexandra has appeared in numerous  film documentaries and as a guest or guest-host of hundreds of national talk radio shows, as well as, being the subject of many magazine articles. https://www.alexandraholzer.com/