Museum Village of Old Smith Clove, Inc, located in the Hudson Valley, Monroe NY seeks a full time Executive Director. The Museum is dedicated to exploring and interpreting 19th central rural life and inspiring an appreciation for the evolution of industry and technology in America through educational programs, hands-on exhibits and special events.

The Executive Director will have responsibilities that will evolve with the mission of the Museum.
The candidate should possess the following traits and skills:

  • Have high energy
  • Be self-motivating
  • Be creative, innovative, have vision and be able to effectively implement and execute
  • Be able to lead, manage and collaborate with staff to achieve the goals and vision of the museum
  • Possess excellent organization and communication skills
  • Be proactive and goal oriented
  • Be able to solve problems and embrace challenges
  • Promote collaboration

The Executive Director will report to the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director is the face of the organization to the entire community, the public, vendors, guests, clients, the membership, and all others. As such the Executive Director will always act with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing all facets of the entire institution.

The current primary responsibilities of the Executive Director include but are not limited to the following:


1. Administrative:
Budget Planning, Record Keeping and Management
Efficiently manage spending
Communicating and meeting with the Board of Trustees
Maintain Professional relationship with service providers (Accountant, Legal, Financial etc.)
Building and grounds Maintenance and site operations
Collections and property preservation and maintenance
Be aware of and abide by Environmental and regulatory requirements and issues

2. Community Engagement:
• Build Community Presence, Exposure, Participation, Engagement and support
• Speaker presentations
• Maintain and grow an ongoing volunteer program including recruiting, training and retaining volunteers
• Develop new and maintain existing Sponsorships

3. Visitor Experience:
• Enhance and enrich the visitor experience
• Create, produce, and implement new visitor programs and experiences
• Organize and conduct events and educational programming
• Collaborate with the Education Director and area organizations
• Innovate, create, implement and work to engage new audiences
• Enhance the tours and exhibitions for in person experience’s

4. Marketing and Fundraising:
• Innovate, create, and implement new sources of revenue, traffic and participation via events, programs, fundraising programs etc.
• Maintain, solicit, and grow Schools, scouts and other organizations visits and participation
• Maintain public relations
• Create and distribute promotional materials
• Communications through newsletters, news releases, website, and social media posts
• Communicate through area chambers of commerce, tourism boards, welcome centers etc.
• Develop and Direct fund development and fundraising campaigns

Qualifications Required
Minimum education requires a Bachelor’s degree. An ideal candidate would have an advanced degree and/or several years’ experience in a museum, historic site or non-profit organization or business, at least four years at an executive or senior management level.

How to Apply:
Interested candidates should submit a current resume, cover letter and three professional references by August 6, 2021 via email to:
Museum Village ℅ Michael Sosler

The cover letter should address four major areas of information, including comparable work experience and past success, leadership experience and qualifications, fundraising capacity, and a statement to convey their vision for Museum Village. The approved candidate should be able to assume the Executive Director’s position by August 23, 2021.

Annual Salary Range:
$40,000. - $50,000. Depending on Experience
Plus, potential for a discretionary bonus based upon the economic performance and attainment of goals approved by the board of directors.