Become a Historian with Museum Village

This fellowship program offers young scholars the chance to pursue their research and become a curator. Get access to our artifact collection and create your own exhibit to be displayed for the 2022 season.


Learn Curation and Research

In this eight-week program, our fellow will get to choose their own topic and use our artifacts to curate an exhibit to be on display at the Museum for all of 2022.

We offer our fellow:

  • One on One Mentoring
  • Access to over 25,000 rare artifacts
  • Creative control of their own exhibit
  • College/high school credit
  • Real Job experience

Know Before You Apply

Length of Fellowship: 8 weeks, starting March 8th ending April 29, 2022

Who can apply: Young Researchers; High school Juniors & Senior, All College levels 

Hours:  10 hrs a week. 2 in person-hours and 8  virtual hours

End Goal: Grand opening of exhibit

Fellowship Timeline

  • Week 1: Exploration of Archives, Artifacts, and Topic brainstorming 
  • Week 2: Topic choice and development of research question
  • Week 3: Primary source search and Outline for exhibit proposal
  • Week 4: Proposal writing
  • Week 5: Curation design
  • Week 6: Pick Artifacts 
  • Week 7: Create Signage 
  • Week 8: Curate Exhibit

Important Application Deadlines

  • February 1st: Application goes live
  • February 25th: Application closes 
  • February 28th: Fellow announced
  • March 7th: Fellowship begins


The most important factor in the choice of fellowship will be potential research topics. The more interesting and well thought out the research topic the stronger the application. Please keep topics relevant to 19th century America. We strongly encourage topics that focus on race, gender, or class in the 19th century.