Rare Reading Program

rare book room

Explore the Museum's Rare Book Collection

Museum Village is partnering with local libraries to give our community access to our rare book collection. Head to one of our library partners and dive into a whole new world of reading.

We have books on the following topics:

  • Local Hudson Valley History
  • Poetry, Music, and Arts
  • Gardening
  • Economics and Politics
  • Military

For the first time in Museum Village's history, these books are accessible for research and enjoyment. Start your journey at the Monroe Free Library!

Books Avalible at the Monroe Free Library


  • Her opportunity
  • The world of adventure


  • How to know the ferns


  • Emergencies and how to treat them
  • The Eclectic Guide to health
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Popular Science Monthly Vol 85


  • Harpers Magazine Vol 58
  • Harpers Magazine Vol 57
  • Harpers Magazine Vol 56
  • Good Housekeeping

General Knowledge:

  • The family cyclopedia of Knowledge
  • The home library of useful knowledge and handy business manual
  • Young Peoples Library of Entertainment and Amusement

Local History:

  • Transactions of the NY State Agricultural Society 1850
  • Board of Orange County supervisors 1909
  • Documentary history of New York
  • Orange County Directory 1891
  • Natural history of New York
  • Peculiarities of American Cities

Us History:

  • Government Class-Book Young
  • The True History of the US
  • Our Government
  • The Picturesque West
  • History Romance and Philosophy of great American Crimes and Criminals

World History:

  • The Continent in 1835

Civil War History:

  • War of the Rebellion Vol XXIX
  • War of the Rebellion Vol XLV
  • War of the Rebellion XLVI


Be Apart of our Library Partner Program

We lease part of our collection out to established public libraries, universities, and educational institutions throughout the Hudson Valley.

If you would like to participate please email info@museumvillage.org