Mobile Museum Kits

Let Museum Village Come to You!

Bring a piece of Museum Village to your classroom, learning pod, or education space. These thematic kits are put together with19th-century artifacts and paired with different lesson plans provided by the museum.

These kits are available for week-long rentals. Pick-up and drop-off days are Tuesdays. Choose which kit best fits your interest and click the button below it for rental availability. For questions about renting a mobile museum kit please email

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Archeology On the Go


Explore New York in a time where Mastodons roamed. Using fossils and preserved neolithic bones, students will get an introduction to archeological practices. Delve deep into Native American life by comparing stone tools and modern-day tools. This kit gives students hands-on experience as an archeologist and historian.

Recommended for grades: 3 - 5


  • 5 hands-on activities
  • Fossils, Mastodon Bones, and Native American tools
  • Activity Worksheets

General Store


How different was buying and selling goods in the 1800s? What sort of products were on the shelves? With this artifact kit, students will get to see the role the general store played in the 19th-century village. Students will step into the shoes of people in the village and experience a 19th shopping spree through purchasing or bartering.

Recommended for grades: 4 - 7


  • 19th-century store products
  • 5 hands-on activities that include role play
  • Activity Worksheets


Energy 2

This kit takes students back to a time before instant messaging, virtual classes, and 24/7 communication. Introduce your students to the inventors and inventions that kick started the communication revolution. Students will get a chance to see if they can outdo the inventors of the past and dream up the next big innovation in communication technology.

Recommended for grades: 3 - 5


  • 19th century telephones and telegraphs
  • 4 hands-on activities that include with games
  • Activity worksheets

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